What Is Ethical Fashion?

Ethical fashion can mean something different for every line but for us, it means no slavery all the way down the line- this reflects our very high standards. We believe all people have invaluable worth so the artisans are paid wages (fair trade). Our values and desire for the artisans to be able to provide for their families and live lives of freedom are highest on the list.

Sadly, most garments are not considered ethical fashion or made with the high standards sustainable fashion requires. Our garments are and you’ll see our prices are a bit different than those in some stores. What I mean is, we can’t sell you a tee for $15. We would drive our business straight to the ground and would no longer be able to provide jobs for the artisans in Nepal.

Our garments are fair trade and made by valued people with stories, talents, dreams and families they love and want to provide for. We believe ALL people deserve to live out redemption. So when it comes to those making the fabric or those bringing my designs to life, they are valued and treated well and we only work with fabric suppliers who have these same standards.

Here is a quote directly from our manufacturer:

“We believe ethical employment + ethical fashion is not just about fair wages. We have a work environment free of discrimination, where people are treated fairly and equally regardless of gender, race, religion or caste. We are committed to fostering and maintaining a safe and dignified work place; creating an atmosphere where employees have a voice; and working toward the continuous growth of each person.”

I’m proud of that, and I hope when you purchase and wear our garments, you’ll be proud of that too. Find out more about how our artisans are treated fair at the Fair Trade page

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Ethical Fashion