Fair Trade

Fair TradeĀ is the act of helping producers in developing countries achieve better trading conditions and to promote sustainability. Those who are aware or passionate of the Fair Trade movement, advocate the payment of higher prices to exporters, as well as improved social and environmental standards.

Garment Collective is passionate about the natural collaboration of both fair trade + sustainability. It’s important to understand how they both go hand in hand. Being cautious of producing sustainable fashion isn’t just about the environment, but more importantly, about the people, too.

At Garment Collective, we care about the artisans who bring our designs to life. The artisans who are blessed with new hope and the opportunity to live out stories of redemption are cared for beyond getting paid well + treated in a way which reflect the invaluable worth we believe all humans have. At garment collective, fair trade also means providing work environments free of discrimination where people are treated fairly and equally regardless of gender, race, religion or caste. Our manufacture makes the environment in which the artisans work a safe place to find their voice + foster their dreams.

Artisans are provided:

  • Employer matched saving accounts
  • Employer provided healthcare funding
  • Continued learning opportunities; literacy classes, English language training + personal finance training
  • Opportunity to speak privately with a trained counselor during work hours.

Fair Trade Fashion is really important to us- it drives the mission behind Garment Collective.

To find out more about how we strive to be environmentally conscious, go to our Sustainable Fashion page.