The Process

For now, it’s just me and my husband who has created this website and brings the vision in my head out into the graphics you see throughout. I am very blessed to have him!

I start by designing on paper, being sure to provide required measurements for every nook and cranny a garment requires. I sloppily jot down colors or prints I desire for each garment as well as fabric choices. It’s really fun for me!

These designs get sent over to the manufacturer in Nepal where I work closely with a gal who helps grab the vision I have set for each garment. We Skype and I get butterflies every time I realize I’m in Ohio, skyping and working with amazing people in Nepal. Like, pinch me, is this for real?! I dream of going there someday soon!

Fabric is purchased, after much research has been made, making sure the fabric has been created ethically- no slaves involved! We also strive to be environmentally conscious every step of the way!

Next, design samples are sent #fromNepal2Ohio so to allow me to see if there needs to be any changes or adjustments made.

After I give my approval, I send Nepal my order, as in how many per design I want brought to life, and production starts. Once the order is filled, I pay them IN FULL and then my designs are sent to me in Ohio.

I sell the garments for profit as I want to continue to provide more garment options for my line, which in turn creates more jobs for the artisans. ‘For Profit’ allows for more growth in design choices and beautiful garments to wear, the artisans get more work and more jobs are created.

The hope is to play a part in more redemption stories unfolding each year! In the fashion industry, we have much power to bring positive changes to the world!

With Garment Collective, it’s redemption all around! #redemptionforall

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