Our Redemption Story

Hello! My name is Breena and I’m so excited to share the story behind Garment Collective with you. You must know it isn’t an easy one, wrapped up in a pretty bow. It’s a story of pain and heartache, but now full of redemption and hope for all who are involved. I pray it blesses you:

As a little girl, I really cared about what I wore, whether it was for the family photo session or simply put, if my shoes clicked and clacked when I walked. I had a vision and it needed to be executed.

As I grew, so did my love of fashion. I would look through fashion magazines and become so inspired by bits and pieces of each garment. In high school, I would find a dress on the clearance rack, cast a new vision for it and take it to my Aunt Sherry who would bring my vision to life.

This is when my dream to design clothes was born…

After marrying my husband who is a pastor, having 4 beautiful children and desiring to stay at home with them, I figured my dream to design clothes was long gone.

During the intense years of raising littles at home, starting up a church, our 3rd child, Ezekiel, who we refer to as Zekey, started having uncontrollable seizures which were slowly and painfully taking away the milestones he once had as a typical 2 year old. I shared updates on my personal blog and that it was our faith in Jesus that got us through. Zekey’s story and our faith reached thousands all across the world. So many prayed with us and shared #prayforZekey as we desperately tried to save our boy.

Zekey’s story reached all the way to Nepal and so did my dream to design clothes. I was asked if I’d like to design clothes for a team of people in Nepal who bring in the poorest, the most marginalized, those at risk and coming from sex trafficking, teach them the art of sewing, paying them well, and even providing opportunity for counseling. Basically, they were being the hands and feet of Jesus. Jesus + Fashion?! Tell me more!

I could barely contain my excitement! God was redeeming our story of pain and suffering and showing us that He will bring beauty out of ashes for these beautiful artisans and for our family. I was all in!

Zekey met Jesus on March 23rd, 2014 after two and a half years of seizures due to Batten Disease. #PrayForZekey became and still is #ZekeyLives.

It was Zekey’s strength, joy and light that defined him as he reflected Jesus in the midst of his suffering and I keep those memories in my heart as well as the redemption God is pouring out into the artisans bringing my designs to life, as I to continue in pursuing this dream.


In January, 2015 we had a very successful Kickstarter to help launch Garment Collective. I was and continue to be blown away by how big God is and how many people caught wind of our story and donated.

The process has been a bit slow working overseas and it has been a lot of learning as I go, but I believe good things take time and this is definitely a good thing.

I hope you’ll play a part in this redemptive story by purchasing these garments made by survivors of slavery. I also hope you’ll share this redemptive story with others!

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