Garment Collective is an ethically sourced, redemptively made women’s clothing line. Our greatest passion is to play our part in seeing “Redemption For All” unfold in our world. We believe every person has invaluable worth, so we have a Zero Slavery standard. The entire process of our garments being brought to life is free of forced labor, harassment, and abuse. We are working with a manufacturer in Nepal who welcomes in the poorest and most marginalized people in society, giving them new hope and the freedom to dream, all while providing for their families. They are committed to sourcing sustainable materials and protecting their local communities. We are thrilled to work with them and hear more stories of redemption.

The Garment Collective Mission: We care about the artisans who bring our designs to life. The artisans who are blessed with new hope and the opportunity to live out stories of redemption are cared for beyond getting paid well + treated in a way which reflect the invaluable worth we believe all humans have. At garment collective, fair trade also means providing work environments free of discrimination where people are treated fairly and equally regardless of gender, race, religion or caste. Our manufacture makes the environment in which the artisans work a safe place to find their voice + foster their dreams.

We love to give back!